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About Us!


Hey there! We are so happy you are here.  We wanted to give you a proper hello and tell you a little about how we decided to start this group. Cheryl had a brilliant idea to form a group for makers after spending time as a part of some other industry groups. We both noticed there was a disconnect between the leaders of some of the groups and their members.  As fate would have it, we met up at one of the conferences and instantly hit it off. We would have conversations about what we would like to see in the industry and what needs to be brought to the makers that other groups were missing the mark on. We knew we were on to something big.  After a lot of plotting and planning, we knew that we could fill that gap. We have years of knowledge and experience between us and we are learning more and more each day. What better people are there to bring you information and help you build your brand than ones who actually own brands and formulate products? Over the years, we have become friends with some amazing makers in our industry that have been looked over because they weren't in the right cliques. We've seen the ugly side of the industry and we want to make it a better place for all makers! We've spent countless hours and money we don't want to admit to spending, learning the craft, branding, formulating, and so much more. We are confident we can help you build your brand and find your niche. 

We thank you for joining The Unique Makers

Cheryl & Theresa